Gig Review: The 1975 @ Leeds Stylus - 'Matthew Healy Is a Beautiful, Skinny Beast of a Man' Featured

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Supported by MMX and Night Engine, The 1975 lads made a return to Leeds last Monday, where they played to a sold-out crowd at Stylus. A cult of eager fans lined the venue long before showtime, creating the impression that an unmissable gig was about to hit home. The 1975 have made massive movements throughout 2013 and it seems that wherever they go, their fans religiously follow. 


Matthew Healy is a beautiful, skinny beast of a man. His on-stage presence is met by the electric jeers of sweaty boys and screaming girls as he swigs from a bottle of red. Who says romance is dead? The band boast huge production for such an intimate venue, and the party is in full swing by the opening of 'The City'. 


Jumping from 80's pop vibes to alternative rock and back again, the night progresses as a sexy showcase of The 1975's latest number one album. 'Heart Out' and 'Chocolate' prove to be the crowd's favourites, as fans burst at the lungs to pelt out every lyric. During 'Girls', I manage to pull my eyes away from Healy, where they fall on a gurning George, drumming his soul out. The on-stage chemistry between the boys is like friendship set on fire, and the result of this? One hell of a magnetic live performance.


Mid-gig, charismatic Healy turns the crowds attention toward a dead light on the infamous rectangular backdrop. His banter with the audience continues, as he points out a hot girl in the crowd and jokes that she joins him on his tour bus. My eyes linger on the girl, weary of a bitch fight fuelled by envy, but these fans have come together as a unity, unlike the arrogant hipsters you'd maybe expect. 


After the largest burst of encore anarchy I've ever witnessed at a gig, the band return to the stage and engage in musical 'Sex' with their audience. Bright lights electrify and illuminate the entire venue as the band lose their inhibitions to a powerful instrumental that demands to be felt, as well as heard. Tossing his sweaty towel into his pool of female worshippers, Matthew ends the night with a teasing wink and one last classy swig out of his bottle.  


It had been my pleasure to share a night of intimacy with a band who will go on to sell out much bigger venues and draw in the masses. Matt is the type of rock star that even the straightest boys develop that secret guy crush on, and The 1975 are a live band that will never disappoint! 


Hayley Thompson

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