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A second wave of Miley mania has spread across the online world, driven by the wreckage of her unreleased single - 'Wrecking Ball'. 


Miley Cyrus is no longer Hannah Montana. We've accepted it, we're over it. Disney fans aren't going to get naked and start twerking because Miley did, they're gonna' get naked and start twerking because this the 21st century and pop culture is in power.


Audio alone, this single ain't too bad. In fact, it has all the ingredients of a pop hit: narrative lyrics, an up-tempo beat and a memorable hook. Then you watch the video. Cyrus has smashed VEVO's twenty-four hour record on YouTube with over nineteen million people tuning in to view her lick a hammer and swing naked from a giant ball. 


In her defense against the haters, Miley released a statement to reveal the meaning behind her latest scandal, stating that her nakedness is an expression of vulnerability. The young artist is evidently heartbroken following a recent break-up from Liam Hemsworth, and does her best to offer artistic interpretations. 


What aggravates me the most, as with an entire generation of pop videos, is Miley's fluorescent white skin which remains flawless and photo-shopped despite the girl rolling around naked, atop a heap of dirty rubble. Miley is evidently manufacturing a new image for herself as an artist, and it's all a little too polished to be anything more than a money-making, fame-seeking, cry for attention. 


Cyrus is a magnet for controversy and rest assured scandal shall continue with the pop-star's forth coming album Bangerz, which is set for a UK release this October and features collaborations from the likes of Britney Spears.


In the end, let's not ignore that 'Wrecking Ball' is a decent pop ballad. If the Lord Of The Rings inspired pornographic video doesn't completely turn you off, grab your microphone (hairbrush), get yourself in front of the camera (mirror), and allow this song to be your guilty pleasure, bedroom style.  


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