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The number one self-titled debut by The 1975 attaches truth to the expression 'where words fail - music speaks.' The album showcases chart-topping single 'Chocolate', and to use Forest Gump's philosophy, it really is like a box of chocolates - you don't know which genre you're gonna be hit with next. But hold up, is this a good thing?


I'd say so. The year is 2013, not 1975. Fuck the system. Bands are finding less and less of a reason to define themselves as masters of one particular genre of music. The 1975 may be fresh on the scene, but they have been making music and experimenting as a band for ten years now. Listen past the feel-good surface of these tracks and you get the feeling that this is a band who started out making pop music and wound up having a love affair with a deeper style. The result is explosive.


Matt Healy delivers lyrics comparable to those of Alex Turner and this album is mostly made memorable by his seductive tone. The infectious, sexy twang to Healy's vocals leave nothing but attitude as a resemblance to his Manchester roots. Track eleven, 'Girls', oozes the type of cockiness that every girl hates to love - and I still can't get enough. 


Each track featured on 'The 1975' is catchy enough to spin the average Shazam user into a frenzy, as they try to discover who is behind the beat on repeat in their head space. Abandoning all subtleties, you can expect the expected from the album's fifth track 'Sex', which smashes the winning formula of nifty guitar riffs set against raunchy, playful lyrics.


At risk of all the mention of catchy melodies leading you toward the assumption that this album reeks repetitiveness, I must draw your attention to tracks eight and ten. 'Heart Out' is an 80's inspired love song with a message you can't ignore: 'You got something to say? Why don't you speak it out loud, instead of living in your head? It's always the same'. Leaving behind those 80's vibes and progressing toward more of an indie rock style, 'Robbers' is ridden with the type of emotion that makes you ache for something you weren't aware you were aching for. 


Overall, this album is more than worthy of its number one spot and has way too much depth to be thrown on the shelf in the pop aisle. Did someone say road trip? If you're taking a long drive back to uni this September then be sure to give this album a play on your way! The 1975 are a band openly growing into their identity. It's a safe bet to place that this album is a 2013 tease of much bigger things to follow! 

Hayley Thompson

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