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Radio friendly rap duos are a pretty rare thing to come around. Rap music normally associates itself with a silly amount of swear words and more drug references than your average episode of Breaking Bad. Yet with Rizzle Kick's latest album, the boys from Brighton have made it quite clear that they are here for one thing, and one thing only: to have a stupendous amount of fun. Not to tell their fans how much of a struggle growing up is, or how to deal with binge drinking and 'big pimping'. Roaring 20s is just seventeen tracks of sheer enjoyment from start to finish, that you don't have to think too much about. Just sit back and let the good times roll.


One thing that this album shows, is just how impressive Jordan and Harley are when it comes to writing and performing their lyrics. Each verse is so solid; full of wonderful little moments where a single line is so full of character and charm that it genuinely makes you smile. Whether it be mentioning the confusion of John Terry's black friends, or how furiously they floss their teeth, each song has at least one line that is probably full of more charisma than the majority of rappers on the scene right now. It is such an appealing charm that makes this album impossible to hate. When a song opens with a line 'Big it up to all my wizard and witches,' like the aptly named 'That's Classic', you know you are in for something of a special album.


Rizzle Kick's second album also makes amends for the one problem I had with their first album. It has a lot more attitude! Not the kind of attitude that makes them angry and aggressive - because I have already stated just how charming and fun-to-listen-to this album is. It is the kind of attitude you expect to see out of two guys in their early 20s - unexpected swear words are finally starting to make an appearance in their songs. It isn't a huge thing, and they don't come around all that much, but it makes such a huge difference. It is a really necessary thing for me; as while they are still easy-to-listen-to and radio friendly, it adds another level of depth to an already solid album. In my eyes it makes them more mature rappers, and it is a welcome addition.


Overall, this album is wonderful. Rizzle Kick's first album is one of my most adored albums of recent years. While 'Roaring 20s' doesn't quite live up to this, it is still a spectacularly brilliant album that is a must listen. 

Mark Wiglesworth

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