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London Grammar are simply one of the best bands to emerge from 2013. Just one listen to them and it is evident just how much they aim to be perfectionists in their music, and how carefully constructed their songs are. They posses obscenely impressive talent, which is nothing short of a joy to hear. 'If You Wait' has taken a long 18 months to create, however it is definitely true in this case that time breeds perfection. So call your parents, friends, neighbours, and everyone else to let them know; this one is special.


Without a shadow of a doubt, it’s Hannah Reid’s haunting vocals which grasps the listener’s attention in opening track ‘Hey Now’, off their début album ‘If You Wait'; beautifully accompanied by the unique, delicate and powerful musicianship of Dot Major and Dan Rothman. I was completely transfixed by the first track and was moved into the second so carefully that I was taken by surprise. ‘Stay awake’ is again a hauntingly beautiful track, which would fit perfectly in the culminating scene of a Hollywood movie. By this point, there is definitely a trend developing in this album, and it is one of delicate, carefully created tracks that have the potential to make even Danny Dyer reminisce whilst looking out of a window. I like to compare their sound to that of the XX, but better and a billion times more interesting.


‘Wasting my Young Years’ is, in my opinion, the most powerful track on this album. Despite already having been released as a single, having already had 975,000 views on YouTube, and having been the catalyst for the superior buzz around this band, it forms a strong backbone to an incredible album - while the other ten tracks branch out of it. If I had one criticism of the album, it would be that it is just too perfect. There isn't one track which is roughly finished or breaks the boundaries - but you know you have something special when that is the ONLY criticism. Finishing on the title of the album ‘If You Wait’, the listener ends up back where they began; in a state of intense relaxation, and by jove, it's intense.


London Grammar are never going to be a band you would go see after dropping several bombs of Mandy, nor one that you would listen to before you head out for a alcohol-fuelled night out, but nevertheless it cannot be denied that this début album is one that Hannah, Dot and Dan should be fucking proud of. Things are only going to get bigger and better for these three, and I am nothing but excited for them.

Tim McGlashan

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