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Music still sees a bitter, bitchy and unending feud between the musician and the manufactured star. Though one (the first) has more talent in a single strand of hair than their opponent, it is the latter that time and time again sells, sells, sells. However, amassing to present glory doesn’t always guarantee the eternal CRITICAL legacy of greats like Johnny Cash and David Bowie.


Longevity, musicality and fandom soared The Beatles and The Beach Boys to the top, and I believe writing their own songs also propelled and marked their stances on the sands of music. They brought difference, rebellion, unbelievably high and revolutionary harmonies; yet the pre-pubescent fans remained the same as today. Only the music has taken a nose dive into regurgitated hell.


Simon Cowell, I am holding you responsible.


Sorry to pick on you One Direction and Justin Bieber, but unfortunately, you prove a point about young girls funding abandoned monkeys at airports.


These girls love you so much that choosing between saving their family or Harry Styles’ cardboard cut-out from a fire, is an impossible task. Furthermore, this extreme fandom shaking the developing ovaries of young girls, is no longer a mere joke: you may laugh, but it actually seems dangerous.


Watching Channel 4’s ‘Crazy About One Direction’ was, at first, meant to be a bit of a sadistic laugh at girls who are too young to have discovered well... better music. Then the importance/destructive nature of Twitter came to light. Not only were these girls constantly checking their feed for Directioner updates, but in some cases they became amazingly obsessive, literally using Twitter as a tool for stalking One Direction at various hotels, or the boys’ homes.


“Knowing” these boys on a level that appears personal made an innocent crush not that angelic, mutating it into a horny demon ready to step on Taylor Swift’s eye balls: because no bitch dumps Harry Styles. Swift even had to delete her Twitter account and block certain One Direction fans because of death threats. Another girl speaking on the documentary even said that Directioners could kill anyone they wanted. Teenage hyperbole, yes; however the numbers are too great to argue against it.


But for all their devotion (some may say stalking), what do fans actually get from their beloved idols? The answer… spat on from a balcony by Justin Bieber. Oh, and a pissed off dad, dreaming he was watching Led Zeppelin… or anything other than a gyrating Biebs.


One Direction fans waited hours for the band's ‘This is Us’ premiere, filling Leicester Square to its absolute capacity. Yet there is no doubt that only a few left satisfied that their pop God’s arms surrounded them.

Alexandra Pollard

My name is Alexandra Pollard. I am almost one of the elderly students at Brighton, and study English language and literature. I love music, reading, fashion and pugs.


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