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I want to make it clear from the get go: I love singer-songwriters. There is something about someone sitting down, writing their own tunes, and singing them with the passion and pride that the main stream music industry has been severely lacking in recent years. I also love YouTube. I spend a stupid amount of time each and every day watching and laughing at vloggers. Now, with Emma Blackery, you have combined two of my most adored things - a singer-songwriter/vlogger is something that doesn't happen very often. The good thing about it, is this: Blackery doesn't just let the fact that she is a 300,000+ subscribed to YouTuber go to her head. She is a talented songwriter with a utterly wonderful voice, and could really go the distance.


Being only four songs long this début EP doesn't give you a huge amount to go on. But each of these songs has a captivating story to tell; whether it be an optimistic promise to her boyfriend, or a ballad to help those who self-harm. These songs are all from the heart and are all so heart-warming to listen to that you can't help but admire the girl.


Sure, these songs aren't as diverse when it comes to subject matter as her hair colour has been over the last year - but that doesn't really matter a huge amount. This four-track beauty varies enough with tempo and musical experimentation that you can forgive her for it. A perfect example of this experimentation is with the tracks 'Lies' and 'The Promise'; the former being all pop-rocky and more catchy than the common cold, whereas 'The Promise' is a perfect example of how powerful an acoustic guitar, a brilliant voice and some of the best lyrics I have heard in an album for a while, can be. I first heard 'The Promise' over a year ago, and back then it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up because it delivers such a strong message; a year later it still has the same effect. It is an utterly wonderful song.


A powerful debut EP that is a perfect stepping stone for this 21-year-old from Essex. If her music develops and matures in such a way she could really be a big player in the singer-songwriter world. Her lyrics are already on point; they are fabulous. I feel she just needs to branch out with what she sings about a little. Regardless, though! This is a stunning debut EP. 

Mark Wiglesworth

I am a student at the University of Portsmouth doing a Journalism and Media Studies degree who has an absolute passion for anything involving films or music. Give me any piece of media, I will do my best to review it.


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