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Back in 2009 a wonderfully joyful pop song appeared called 'Sweet About Me', featuring a sixteen-year-old girl named Gabriella Cilmi. An instantly popular hit and feel-good tune, the track has, over time, racked up an impressive twenty-three million YouTube views and counting. Four years later and she is back! Slightly older and with slightly shorter hair, but possessing a much more developed and mature sound, that is sure to enable her to stake her claim in the music industry once more.


If you know me and my musical taste, you will know that the one thing I look for in an artist is musical progression - the ability to change things up every now and then, just to keep everything interesting and fresh. Cilmi has done that to such a wonderful level, it is amazing that she is still only twenty-one. Since her breakthrough four years ago, she has been touring and writing her own stuff - accompanied by her live band - and truly singing the type of songs she wants to. Her defiance clearly shows. Her new single 'The Sting' is sung with a strong amount of conviction and attitude that I truly respect. She could have come back with the same pop music that got her popular, but no. With 'The Sting' she has created a wonderful fusion of Trip Hop and Soul, to make a truly unique sound.



'The Sting', which also gives its name to her upcoming third studio album, is complimented by her beautiful soulful voice; wrapping itself around each and every chorus and verse like the most musical snake you will ever see. It is clear that Cilmi has supreme talent when it comes to singing and writing songs, and at the age of twenty-one the future seems bright. ‘The Sting’ is a delightful little song that will hopefully propel Gabriella Cilmi back into the centre of the music industry once again.

Mark Wiglesworth

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