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Letlive are a band that encapsulates perfectly just why I adore the post-hardcore scene that is currently taking the US and UK music scene by the scruff of the neck and not letting go. Louder than an elephant stubbing its toe on a door and more energetic than a Hummingbird that has lived on nothing but energy drinks its whole life. With their second album 'Fake History', the men from LA made a name for themselves – and I have never before heard an album with so much ferocious and relentless energy. Three years have since passed, and 'The Blackest Beautiful' somehow manages to out-perform their last record to a stupidly large level. Welcome to the top of my 'album-of-the-year' list, Letlive. Make yourselves comfortable, I don't see rock music getting much better than this.


Yes, I do seriously believe that this album is THAT good. Each song is delivered with so much passion, so much drive, and so much power, that this album isn't just an album. It becomes a beast; a big-ass scary, frenzied animal, that will chase you down and hurt you if you piss it off. That is the best way I can describe this album, as it has punched me so hard in the gut that I am literally lost for words. Not to say that is a bad thing! When it comes to hardcore you want to feel like you are trapped in a boxing ring with a Mountain Gorilla - and with 'The Blackest Beautiful', Letlive have mastered that feeling. Their sound is slightly more matured than before. Instead of just constantly throwing loud noises at you, vocalist Jason Butler lulls you into a false sense of security; he manages to keep things steady, before he explodes like someone has stuck a stick of TNT in his voice box.


It isn't just the aggressive nature of this album that I love - each song means something. Interviews with Jason Butler before the album’s release said that these songs – when it comes to lyrics – are the strongest he has ever written. The man certainly wasn't lying! With songs like '27 Club' and 'The Fear Fever', Butler has managed to shout and scream about things as broad as his own personal life, all the way to the difference between a terrorist and a revolutionist. It is not just the themes on display that impresses me - it is also the delivery of the aforementioned themes that is truly spectacular, as the band manage to cross from hardcore beat-downs, all the way to more melodic and tuneful choruses.


Quite simply, this album is up there with the very best. It shows just how much potential Letlive have as a band, both musically and lyrically. The one way I could improve this album is to hear it live, as Letlive are one of the best live bands of this era. Check this album out; it is in my eyes the best album of the year so far. It is a wondrous album that every fan of rock music needs to listen to in order to hear just how good hardcore can be.

Mark Wiglesworth

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