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Since 'Fashionably Late' came out I have listened to it a few times and each and every time I listen to it I go through an emotional roller coaster, the likes of which I have never been through when listening to a new album. You may be asking: 'My God, is this album full of love ballads and deep thinking songs that question the meaning of life?' to which I would quite simply laugh in your face. All you need to do is give one quick glance at the lyrics that front man and former 'Escape The Fate' man Ronnie Radke has plucked out of thin air to show you exactly what I mean - my personal favourite being: 'A lil' bit of dirt mixed with the mud, a lil' bit of rock mixed with a thug.' (An honourable mention must go to the line 'I got that white boy swagger') To put it simply, this album is mental.


Falling In Reverse's first album 'The Drug In Me Is You' is one of my most adored albums, it was a perfect introduction to a wonderful new hardcore band that really had something special. This second album was coming in with high expectations, last year Alternative Press named front man Radke 'Artist Of The Year,' now you don't get that much critical acclaim without being something truly special. Luckily, Radke and the boys that make up Falling In Reverse really are that good! Everything about this band screams sheer, powerful passion for what they do. This does come through in this album, 'Rolling Stone' and 'Born To Lead' are almost musical perfection - one listen of these songs and you will have the chorus stuck in your head all day. No one can deny just how much class this band has.

They also aren't afraid to do anything new. This band are well known for their furious vocals, so what do you do for your second album? You don't keep on doing that same thing, that would be too easy - instead you make up a whole new type of vocals that I have never heard before. Radke's screamo vocals are brilliant, some of the best in the business - but with this album he is also showing the world how he has been into rap since he was "Shitting in Pampers" and his rapping is on point too. Every now and then he combines the two into something that I have christened 'scrapping' and it is unexpectedly superb. 

HOWEVER, and this is a big one hence the capitals, this album is quite simply the most inconsistent piece of music I have ever heard. I have already mentioned 'Rolling Stone' and 'Born To Lead' and about how they are both some of the best songs I have heard in a while. Well to balance that out 'Bad Girls Club' and 'Game Over' are two of the worst songs I have heard in a while. They are horrendously pop-rocky, now I am impartial to a good bit of catchy pop-rock yet these two horrendous efforts aren't catchy, they aren't fun to listen to and they just plain terrible.

This album is brilliant at times, yet it is also terrible. It confuses and baffles me to a ridiculous level. No doubt some of these songs will be on my list for best songs of the year, but some of them will also be on my list for worst song of the year. 

Mark Wiglesworth

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