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I have a special love interest in Rise Records. Since the creation of the record label in 1991 they have found huge talents such as Your Demise and Dance Gavin Dance. With Sleeping With Sirens they have seemingly done it again. They have unearthed a talent that are going to go onto big, big things in this world. The band's third full length album carries on the momentum of their last two while adding onto it with a more professional sound. This culminates in a mighty album that is only going to lift them higher into the musical stratosphere.

Evolution is a big thing for me when it comes to new bands and Sleeping With Sirens perfectly show this in their newest album. With the opening track 'Feel' the band start off as you would expect, catchy choruses and well put together guitar chords - perfectly showing what this band have become well known for. Yet, as the album goes on, things change slightly... but for the better. With songs like 'Free Now' they are flirting with screamo backing vocals that give the band an extra level of attitude and the following track 'Alone' completely contrasts this by featuring up and coming rapper MGK. It is things like this that show me this band aren't afraid to try new things and I love them for it.

With strong vocals, powerful drum beats and an all round catchy rock sound this album is mightily impressive. While I would like for them to experiment even more in future albums(they've shown that they can do this with superb results), 'Feel' is a wonderful sign of things to come for this young band. With twelve songs, this album doesn't get too boring; each song has enough individuality to keep you entertained throughout. Overall, a very solid album that is a perfect way of introducing a band to a wider audience while also keeping their current fan base happy. Listen to this album, enjoy it and pray that they carry on this energy for a long time as, if they do, they could really become a big name. 

Mark Wiglesworth

I am a student at the University of Portsmouth doing a Journalism and Media Studies degree who has an absolute passion for anything involving films or music. Give me any piece of media, I will do my best to review it.


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