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The press release for this album states that you should ‘expect nothing less than monstrous,’ and that is pretty spot on as monstrous is how I would describe Autopsy’s 6th studio outing entitled The Headless Ritual. The nine track album from start to finish is relentless and doesn’t let up for a minute, which is something you expect from a band that has been going since 1987 and are pioneers in the death metal genre. I do respect them for what they have done for the genre, and six albums is impressive for a band – however, I really hope they don’t make any more as I think this is about as bad as it gets.

When I listen to an album I keep an ear out for three main things: how good the lyrics are, how good the vocals are and whether or not everything else in the album is good like drums; guitars and what not. Now, reviewing this album put me in a bit of a predicament because out of those three tick boxes that I make mentally I can only half tick the last one. Now, coming from someone with mild OCD about finishing stuff a half tick will drive me mental but it’s all I can muster.

Time to explain myself – that half tick belongs to one thing and one thing only: the guitars. The album shreds guitar solos that could rip your face off. They are seriously heavy things that keep on going and going till you can’t take it any more. The rest of the time the band, as a whole, are just making a noise, to such an extent where all I can hear is the relentless drumming that resembles Animal from The Muppets. Sadly though, most of my attention while listening to this album was on the vocals. Now, I like screamo vocals, I grew up listening to the likes of Slipknot and Lamb of God so I know a good vocalist when I hear one.  Yet Autopsy seem to be quite happy to give the microphone to an ill man and let him vomit into a bin while holding the microphone close enough to his face to hear it all. That is how bad it all is. It’s not melodic, or aggressive, it’s just painful to listen to. And because of the terrible vocals I found myself not wanting to give it a second or third listen to figure out the lyrics to each song as I couldn’t get myself past the horrifically painful noise that was coming out of my speakers.

This album is utterly terrible. To be perfectly honest it is the worst album I have listened to in a very long time.

Mark Wiglesworth

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