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Aggressive, violent and ferocious: three words that aren't normally associated with music. But then, when describing To The Wind's newest album, Empty Eyes, I could also throw in a whole heap of phrases that I don't usually use when reviewing music, for example: shitting heck this is heavy. For that is the perfect way to describe this maniacal frenzy of an album - it is heavier than the heaviest stone in heavy-ville. Now, that isn't a bad thing at all - for truth be told. This album takes me back to the days before heavy metal bands thought it would be a good idea to put a singer in their band and not stick with the solitary screamer as a front man. It is a beautiful little gem that has some how surfaced in a musical world that is currently being filled with bands that all sound exactly the same.

This five piece band from Washington have really hit with something brilliant here. Just, pure unadulterated heavy metal and it works to a near perfect level. The drum beat running through the ten track beast that is this album is always spot on. Whether it be furiously pounding away at that bass drum, which takes so many kicks I'm surprised it made it through recording. Or, just simply always being there, perfectly placed as the backbone of every beat down and every pitch change. I haven't seen these guys live, but it is this strong drum beat, crafted by Cory Lamb, alone that makes me think this whole album would be a spectacle to see on stage. 

Another strong point for this album is the guttural voice of lead vocalist Tanner Murphy. Now, I know that this album won't sway over any one on the face about hardcore, heavy metal but his vocals throughout this album are constantly on point. Being the front man of a band who create such energetic music will always be a tough thing to do - but Murphy looks like he has set himself up for a wonderful reign as being the proud owner of some of the most ferocious vocals out there right now. When this impressive set of lungs is combined with a style of song writing that focuses more on the flow of the sound as opposed to lyrical grace, something magical happens. As each song begins you are dragged up and up and up, like some sort of musical roller-coaster, then that first note kicks in and all hell breaks loose and you have sit in for the ride and hope you make it out the other side. That might sound scary and a music to roller-coaster comparison is something that I will probably never do again, but trust me - it is so brilliant. You will be tapping your feet, nodding your head to each and every second of it.

In case you haven't figured it out by now, this album is all kinds of good. If you are a fan of hardcore, of heavy metal or just anything with a thumping drum beat and a lot of aggression check this album out. It is a wonderfully worked piece that should gain a lot of praise.

Mark Wiglesworth

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