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It's time to get the BBQ's out and spend as much as you can in the sun. Now for a 2nd year who lives 5 minutes from the sea this is perfect weather, but I found myself in a bit of a pickle; I really needed some new summer tunes to listen to while chilling in the garden attempting to do work. Luckily, the summer's late arrival coincided with the release of rapper/ska/reggae musician, Itch. When the release of his first EP came round I was a very happy bunny, mainly as I am a massive fan of his former band 'The King Blues', so undoubtedly Manifesto Part 2 came with huge anticipation.

Luckily, the man from London hasn't disappointed. With this new selection of tracks he has managed to keep the ludicrous combination of rap, reggae and punk rock fluid and dynamic whilst also keeping it all fairly similar to his last EP. Now, normally when a musician sticks to one style album after album I complain and moan about them not developing, but in this case it is slightly different. This is a man who is still working towards his first full length album, the 4 tracks on this EP combined with the 4 tracks on his last EP combine to create a wonderfully fresh and inventive whole album. That is also the second reason that I'm not too fussed his style hasn't changed much since his King Blues days; his music is so different to everything else you hear. I am a fan of rap, reggae and punk rock, however in all my 19 years on this planet I have never heard something combine all three in such a perfect way.

One of the main selling points for me is the sheer passion Itch has about the topics he is singing/rapping about. Whether it be drug culture, the state of the country he is growing up in or just how much he hates the monarchy. Every word, every line, is pronounced with such emphatic emotion, that it really hits home that he means what he is saying. In a world full of auto-tuning and generic lyrics it is brilliant to hear stuff that is personal to the writer. The man has a obscenely good talent at expressing his emotions through music.

So yes, this EP may be only 4 tracks long, but it is a perfect example of the sound that Itch wants to produce, and I for one can't wait until he combines all of this with his last EP and a few new songs onto a full length album. However, take my word for it - don't stick this album on while chilling in the garden. Not only will your neighbours give you weird looks, but you will also get no work done because you will be fully captivated by just how impressive all the songs are. 

Mark Wiglesworth

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