Gig Review: The Vaccines @ Millennium Square Leeds - ‘YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE’

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A band playing to 7000 fans in the centre of Leeds is a pretty big deal and the 5th May saw the Vaccines step up to the mark. With the majority of music fans in Leeds nursing their Live at Leeds hangover from the day before whilst being drenched in sunlight during the day (soon to be urine), all of the elements were in place for this gig to be special to say the least.


Sheffield boys, Drenge kicked off the afternoon with a strong set before leading into Midlands neo-psyche group, Temples and London boys, TOY. The square was slowly filling, an atmosphere was building and although the crowd gave a fair appreciation for all of the support groups, this writer was left hoping that the pace was going to massively increase once the vaccines took to the stage.

Entering onto the stage to the sound of the Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back’ before breaking into their hit ‘No Hope’, testosterone was flying from the first note and so was a noticeable amount of urine; it was almost as if everyone had been saving it up just to throw it all over an un-expectant punters head. The Vaccines treated the crowd to songs off both albums and even a new track ‘Melody Coin’ before disappearing off the stage before their inevitable encore whilst the now clearly intoxicated crowd chanted “YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE”. The highlight of the night was the final track of their set, ‘Norgaard’ which managed to get even the shyest, quietest of fans screaming the lyrics and having a jolly good knees up!

The Vaccines have a great ability to attract an eclectic mix of fans, from pre-pubescent girls screaming ‘I LOVE YOU JUSTIN’ before crying if they get eye contact with any of the band to 40 odd year old football hooligans who lone behold you if you knock a single bit of their beer out of their pint, however this just adds to the atmosphere at their gigs, as you simply never know what to expect.

There is no doubt that The Vaccines definitely left their mark on Leeds; that is, if it wasn’t already there. It was a fitting end to a weekend jam packed with some of the best music around at the moment and wet the appetites of the 7000 fans for the festival season to get up and running.

Tim McGlashan

Director and Senior Music Critic for and a Graduate in Business Management from Leeds Metropolitan University. MASSIVE MUSIC JUNKIE!


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