Gig Review: Fossil Collective @ Brudenell Social Club Leeds - ‘More passion than a night in with your loved one and the karma sutra’

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The meticulously created melodies this band produces are so dreamy yet dramatic that you’re captivated from the first line. The bearded faces of the fossil collective took their tour home to Leeds on the 26th April to play to a practically sell-out crowd at the Brudenell Social Club supported by the fantastic sounds of Joe Banfi and Thomas J Speight.

Opening with the 2nd track of their début album ‘Tell Where I Lie’ the crowd seemed a little bit distant, not to mention the 5 metre void that was present between them and the stage; it was as if they actually thought there was a barrier there. Nevertheless Front man Dave Fendick gave more passion into each verse and chorus than a night with your loved one and a book of the karma sutra ever could. Fossil Collective were clearly loving being on home soil and by the time they broke into the opening track to their album ‘Let it go’ the crowd were just about catching up, subtly swaying and nodding their heads, one chap was even whistling (good on you Sir). Their slow melodic tunes oozed around the venue and made the atmosphere in the venue really quite something. The collective took us through near enough their whole début album only occasionally presenting some wee surprises from their 2012 EP ‘Let it Go’ which went down a treat.  Their track wolves was the best received on the night however there wasn't much in it once the crowd realised they were at a gig and got involved.

These guys are showing great promise on the music scene and following this tour the band are setting off to tear up America, where they have already achieved number one in the ‘US New Music Chart’. The sky’s the limit for this band and we have a feeling this won’t be the last we hear of them.

People nationwide; young and old are getting hooked on their impeccable harmonies and catchy rhythms and you should too.

Tim McGlashan

Director and Senior Music Critic for and a Graduate in Business Management from Leeds Metropolitan University. MASSIVE MUSIC JUNKIE!


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