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Gig Review: Lucy Rose @ Cockpit Leeds – ‘A stellar performance from a stellar artist’ Featured

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Fresh off the back of supporting Counting Crows, Lucy Rose is off on another UK tour and, if her other performances are going to be anywhere near as good as her opening performance at Leeds’s Cockpit, boy are her fans in for a treat.

Sitting on a stool in the middle of a stage wearing a vintage adidas top is a woman who, aside from having an incredible set of lungs, deserves to be selling out massive venues nationwide. Opening with ‘Gamble’ sung purely by herself with no band on stage, she received a very warm reception from the crowd; it was clear that those pre gig nerves were rapidly disappearing. The band then joined her before breaking into the familiar sounds of ‘Place’, which had the crowd completely drawn to every word. Despite realising her guitar was out of tune as she broke into the favourite ‘Lines’ she professionally joked it off and performed the track in absolute perfection. Lucy Rose has a unique ability to have each viewer cling onto every word she sings as her unique and immaculate vocals drift into the listeners’ ear drums, leaving them desperate for more. Of course typical ‘LAD’ banter was carried out by some members of  the audience, such as ‘Lucy will you marry me’ and ‘You’re so hot’ but the girl from Warwickshire dealt with it well and carried on delivering a mind blowing set. The highlight of the night was her hit ‘Middle of the bed’ which had everyone singing and dancing along, much to the joy of Lucy herself who seemed a bit struck by the fact that people knew the words to her songs. She (nicely) made a point of exclaiming how grateful she was to everyone that bought a ticket and went on to mention how one ‘fan’ from Mexico had criticised her on-line for always thanking the crowd at every gig and that she should change her record (who the fuck is this guy?) and her response: Fuck you, which received a warm appreciation from her audience. Well done Lucy, we like your balls!

Lucy left the stage before returning to perform a 3 song encore which included the tear jerker ‘Shiver’, and jerk tears it did indeed, as women all around the venue dabbed their eyes. This even got too much for Lucy herself who, upon finishing her set, was also in tears. It was clear just how much this opening gig meant to her. All in all it was a stellar performance from a stellar artist. This woman has so much talent it is incredible, and if you haven’t heard of her then I suggest you get acquainted quick; you have no idea what you're missing.

Tim McGlashan

Director and Senior Music Critic for BounceSIN.com and a Graduate in Business Management from Leeds Metropolitan University. MASSIVE MUSIC JUNKIE!http://mytymemusic.tumblr.com

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