Album Review: Fossil Collective - Tell Where I Lie

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As the summer begins to wake up lazily from its never-ending sleep, stretching its arms to slowly banish the winter’s cold and grey clouds, Fossil Collective’s debut Tell Where I Lie acts as an ideal aid to the challenging and confusing transition period. 'What is this change in temperature?', I hear you say, is this what they call warm? Yes, this is warm, that is the sun, and here is some really lovely chilled-out acoustic music to ease you into this brave new world and help with unwanted withdrawal symptoms.

Fossil Collective define chilled-out niceness, specialising in traditionally-inclined, understated acoustic songs with pleasing melodies, displaying a remarkable talent. Opening with the melodic yet inconspicuous ‘Let It Go’, the album truly kicks off with the gorgeous ‘Under My Arrest’, which showcases Fossil Collective’s notable ability to skilfully build emotion and tension. David Fendick’s searing yet controlled vocals guide the song along subtle waves of emotion, to produce a song of haunting beauty. Other standouts from the album include the otherworldly, transcendental Monument and the upbeat yet poignant On and On.

Nevertheless, despite Tell Where I Lie’s impressive ability to lull one into a sense of blissful calm and reflection, the album as a whole seems a little lacking in diversity and variety. The songs tend to follow a similar formula and lack the exciting spark and dynamism that would set Fossil Collective apart, resulting in an album that can seem lacking in parts. The album displays undeniable talent, and as the first full album from the group following their Let It Go EP from 2012, it shows much promise of things to come in the future.

A perfect album for late-night summer chilling and lazy days, Fossil Collective are definitely one to watch.

Frances Black

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