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Album Review: Killswitch Engage - Disarm The Descent

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Writing for BounceSIN has been fun, it's wonderful getting my stuff posted online as I'm sure it will help for the future. However, one thing that I haven't been able to do since joining the writing team is do a bad review; I am a natural musical dick that is surprisingly hard to please. Basically, I love writing bad reviews - they are fun. Bit of background for my love affair of Killswitch Engage is needed for my next point: I loved all their old stuff with original vocalist Jesse Leach from 1999. Then he left and this dude called Howard Jones started shouting and singing and, in my eyes, ruined the band. Since Jones's debut in 2004 I have hated the band, and ever since I heard they were making a new album I have been looking forward to it because I would be able to rip it to shreds. But then something happened... Jesse Leach came back! And alas, my drought of writing bad reviews for this website carries on, because this is their best album yet and I am wonderfully surprised by that fact.

Ferocious and energetic are the two best ways to describe this new album. To put it simply, every single song in this 14 track album will have you tapping along and fist pumping the air in public. If, like me, you're listening to it in the comfort of your own home, you will want to mosh along to it with the people you live with. (Don't, by the way, I tried... my parents just thought I was a tiny bit crazy.) Lead single, 'In Due Time', is a perfect example of just how heavy hitting and head-banging-heavy the new album is - from the opening drum beat that hits with such intensity I was afraid my arm would break, all the way to the riff at the end that melts your face: it is a beast of a song. I know it's not a very good way of describing an album, but it is a beast. A relentless beast that wants to kill you and your family then dance on your grave because it doesn't give a damn about you, it just wants to break stuff.

Returning lead vocalist Jesse Leach brings an intensity that the band have been missing since Howard Jones took his place. His shouting vocals are both terrifying and inspirational. Yes, that makes little sense - lets put it like this: if he was doing a William Wallace and trying to rally the troops, it wouldn't take much - his vocals just keep on hammering away at you until he suddenly starts singing! Now, don't get me wrong - I fell in love with old Killswitch and I feel at home with 3 minutes of a band tearing my ears to shreds with their screaming vocals but holy hell adding tuneful vocals to this chaotic blue print works better than I would have ever thought - combined with guitar riffs and drum beats that only a bald bearded American rocker could produce, and you have a metal masterpiece.

Yes, I still haven't done a bad review for BounceSIN. But if every album I listen to this year is as good as Disarm The Descent I am going to have a hard time choosing my album of the year. It is wonderfully loud, wonderfully polished and just utterly brilliant. 

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