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Album Review: Bring Me The Horizion - Sempiternal

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There is always a tricky moment when a band releases a mind blowing album; the moment that everyone expects the follow up album to be on the same level of brilliance. This is what Bring Me The Horizon had to cope with when it came to their newest album Sempiternal. With the album before it, 'There Is A Hell...' the boys from up North truly became men, their sound had evolved to such a level they had made that shift from angry kids who shouted at everything to having a method of control and maturity with their work. Needless to say, the follow up album had to be something massive to live up to the expectations of a British scream band truly coming to age.

Lucky for everyone involved, the newest studio outing from BMTH lives up to its expectations and beyond. In simple terms, it has lifted the band to a new level of music that I haven't heard from a metal core band in a long, long time. Carrying on the synth backing that was introduced in their last album, it has evolved and developed into something that isn't just plastered on a song to make it sound good. The ghostly choir that makes an appearance every now and then and the eerie computer helped vocals that pop up in between ferocious rants from lead vocalist Olly Sykes add a whole new level of depth to what would otherwise be an already complex album.

Maturity is a word I usually hate in the music industry, as it generally means a band has stopped taking risks and are keeping with what they know will make them money. However, with this album BMTH have proved that a matured sound doesn't have to be boring, the fact of the matter is that songs like 'Empire (Let Them Sing)' and 'Shadow Moses' are two of the best songs I think the band have ever produced. Everything about this album screams maturity, and it's something that I should hate. Gone are the pure screamo vocals that made me fall in love with the band 7 years ago, but in its place is a more melodic structure to each and every song. While I would like the band to one day go back to producing an album in the garden shed like they did with their debut album, this new almost over-produced sound that is currently blaring out of my speakers sounds just as good.

Bring Me The Horizon's newest album is a new kind of beast. Proving that a good metal core album doesn't have to be under-produced and done in a DIY way. As this album is the complete opposite and it is a behemoth of an album that gets better and better as the tracks go past, never faltering, never putting a foot wrong. It is a wonderful thing for a band to get older, to get more mature and yet get better and better musically. 

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