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Who knew a four-piece rock band from Bedford could make such a massive impression with their début album. That is the best way to describe Don Broco's first album Priorities; it is a début album, on epic levels. Perfectly showing the world just what the boys are about: simple, catchy light rock beats that will get caught up in your head for hours on end.


Lead single, ‘Whole Truth’ is a perfect example of this. A musically simple track that manages to keep you captivated throughout, due to vocalist Rob Damiani's sheer charismatic and stand-out voice. Combine this with a lyrically impressive song and you have a mixture that ends up being more British than fish and chips.


For me, that is the main reason that this album is such a good one; it is one of the most home-grown albums I have ever listened to. Since the boys got together in 2008, they have been touring with the likes of Enter Shikari and Mallory Knox, clearly showing their love of British rock music. This album acts more like a love letter to the new wave of British rock bands - it is such a powerful album it could be used as a flag ship to show everyone that this new wave of artists mean serious stuff.


It could be argued that at times, the singing is more mumbling, making the lyrics and overall song sound less impressive. But then a tune like ‘Here’s The Thing’ pops up and everything is forgiven - because when it works, it really works. That is the thing with this album; it defiantly has room to grow - surely the best thing for début albums? No one expects perfection and this is far from it. However, if Don Broco keep on like this they will very quickly become a force to be reckoned with. 


Mark Wiglesworth

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