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R.E.V.O. marks the long-awaited debut album from self-made Canadian superstars, Walk Off The Earth, and serves as a breath of fresh air for anybody tired of monotone shoe-gazing indie bands and the general dreariness of life. Unapologetically optimistic, heartfelt and upbeat, Walk Off The Earth refuse to be constrained or pigeon-holed, and help to banish any glumness brought on by the UK’s currently dismal weather.

Marshall, Sarah and Gianni’s irresistibly saccharine vocals soar over music bursting with life, surprise and spontaneity, created by an eclectic array of instruments. The songs are mainly led by acoustic guitar and drums, with the occasional ukulele and theremin thrown in, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this is sombre stuff; each song is delightfully catchy and rousing. The music style ranges from hushed acoustic melodies, to reggae-tinged rhythms, to rock-driven anthems. Although the music verges into outright corniness at times, on tracks like ‘Shake’ the music’s endearing, heartfelt sincerity and warmth turn this into an enhancement rather than a hindrance to enjoyment.

The album kicks off with the scorching, defiant ‘R.E.V.O.’, followed swiftly by the gorgeous ‘Red Hands’.  The group fearlessly experiment with rap on ‘Sometimes’, and the chilled, summery vibes are infectious on the aptly named… ‘Summer Vibe’. Their famous acoustic cover of Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ features on the album, and the stirring ‘Speeches’ is also a definite must-hear.

Walk Off The Earth are a true landmark in the Internet-age; a shining example of the power of Youtube and social networking sites. Formed in Ontario in 2006, they gained worldwide success making music videos of originals and covers of artists as varied as Adele, Taylor Swift, LMFAO and Wiz Khalifa. (The beat-boxing 'I Knew You Were Trouble' cover is awesome). Their Gotye cover amassed 127 million views in four months, and now stands at over 147 million. They built their own fan base without management or a record label, but eventually signed to Colombia Records in 2012.

R.E.V.O. (it stands for 'Realise Every Victory Outright', in case you were wondering) is a great choice for a summer soundtrack, and perfect music for festival-goers and other adventurous types, or just anyone who likes smiling and happiness.

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