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So admittedly I’m rather late in jumping on the Bastille bandwagon, but it happened eventually, after stumbling across them by chance courtesy of Spotify’s Top 40 playlist. Formed in 2010 from South London, Bastille’s debut album Bad Blood has been released to rave reviews and taken the UK by storm; it took the no.1 spot on the Top 40 album chart upon release, and their single ‘Pompeii’ reached no.2 on the Top 40 singles chart.

 Their music is almost inescapable now, and attached to their name is a string of claims naming them the ‘next big thing’. Their melodies are strong and powerful, and the four male members allow their talents to shine through. Dan Smith sings lead vocals with a rippling confidence to his rustic voice. He originally began as a singer-songwriter before deciding he would prefer to work in a band, and thus Bastille was formed. The unusual yet addictive name comes from his birthday, taking place on Bastille Day (French National Day).  

Whilst Smith wrote the lyrics, the spirit of Bastille is the quartet, as the four members each have their own distinctive role. On drums and bass is Chris Wood and Will Farquarson respectively, both people who knew Dan before the band was formed, and Kyle Simmons is the keyboardist. However, they are not restricted in their roles, and their musical cohesion is what brings Bastille together.

My personal favourite of the album has to be ‘Pompeii’ which is currently on a continuous repeat, and has been for a good few hours. Not only are the lyrics strong and emotional, Smith sings soulfully as the song moves from a slow pace to a fast-moving cry. Definitely one of those songs you’d pick if you could make a soundtrack of your life.

Speaking of their no.1 album, Dan Smith told NME magazine that the feat was ‘surreal’, and he was hoping that the charts might move away from typical pop music to featuring more bands. Hurtling onto the music scene from a tiny studio in South London, it seems this band can only go from strength to strength.

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