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Pop icons don’t get much bigger than Justin Timberlake, as with the release of ‘Justified’ and ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds’ the man turned into a living legend. He was essentially the king of pop when he took off to embark on a highly successful film career in 2006 and left the studio. Thankfully, with his first album in 7 years, ‘The 20/20 Experience’, Timberlake has returned to his rightful place; he is back and better than ever.

 With the opening song ‘Pusher Love Girl’ the man who simply goes by the name JT slowly reintroduces us to what made him so popular to begin with. It is pop music, but not the cheesy generic stuff that has slowly but surely invaded radio playlists. To create a song with such attitude is something truly remarkable, and to do it with such simplicity is near enough impossible.  Furthermore, to create a song with such pulsating energy and drive, with such a subtle backing track, further gives me evidence that Timberlake is in fact a wizard.

 To create such catchy songs, while producing songs that are so new and so original is a feat that should be practically impossible. However, because the man is clearly a wizard, Timberlake has done it. ‘Tunnel Vision’ is a perfect example of this: combining a backing track that is similar to something that a hyped up James Blake would produce, with JT’s faultless vocals creating a sound that is simply a pleasure to listen to. Bring in the odd guitar solo and rap, and the man is flirting with so many different sounds it should be distracting.

 As a whole, the album is simply wonderful. A 12-track album, with songs lasting around 8 minutes, JT has created a musical behemoth that should be regarded as one of the best albums of this generation. On a production level it is faultless, and lyrically it can’t be surpassed. A simply joyous and wondrous album that should be admired for years to come.

Mark Wiglesworth

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