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Modern music seems to be in a bit of a rut. Bands nowadays who have had a brilliant debut album normally struggle to keep that momentum going, normally meaning that their 2nd and 3rd albums are massively below par. Yet with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds they have managed to keep their massively original and influential sound going not just for 3 albums, but with newest album ‘Push the Sky Away’ the Australian alt rock band have amassed 15 hugely important albums over just under 20 years of working together.

 First things first, if you’re casually looking for an easy album to bop your head along to, this isn't it. But then again, if you’re thinking you could do that with a Nick Cave album, then you clearly don’t know the man. What you have in this 9 track beauty is 9 deeply motivated, wonderfully thoughtful songs which all convey an obscene amount of emotion through such simplicity.   

Take for example ‘Higgs Boson Blues,’ a 7 minute thought-provoking piece that never stands still; somehow through this track 'Cave' has turned what could be a dreary sounding tune into a deep, moody song through 7 minutes of progression which music doesn't have very often. Starting off as a simple musical love song, it slowly unravels like the plot of The Matrix into something that spurs up emotions in way songs don't usually do. This is all, of course, complimented by Cave’s outstanding vocals and it eventually erupts into  a musical orgy that is a wonderful thing to listen to.

To say that this album goes from strength to strength would be a lie; no matter how good this album is, it will never reach the eerily high level of perfection Cave created in earlier albums such as ‘Let Love In'. However, regardless of this fact, 15 albums into a musical career that has never created a bad album, Cave is certainly earning his place at the top of the alternative rock scene, a majestic piece from start to finish which is a perfect addition to his musical CV.



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