CD Review: Dead Sons - The Hollers and The Hymns

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The Hollers and The Hymns is the debut album by Sheffield’s newest hard-rockers, Dead Sons. It’s hard to be critical about this album, because it’s just brilliant. Don’t expect to be able to breathe, because this record rarely gives the chance to take a much-needed deep breath from start to finish.

 Their sound mixes Arctic Monkeys with Queens Of The Stone Age (so, late Arctic Monkeys then) with a hint of Jack White guitar style. Mix all of that up in a teenagers' sweaty garage and add much, much more pace and you might just be imagining Dead Sons in your head.

From the word go, this album is insane. Their melodic yet dark sound is reflected throughout, with great lyrics and musical talent always apparent. 'A Love As Good As Ours' truly shows how talented Dead Sons are, with excellent drumming and a great bass solo. 'Bangonfullturn' reflects a stoner rock style sound such as Kyuss, with 'Room 54' slightly resembling 'Feel Good Hit Of The Summer' (QOTSA) – which is not a bad thing. You know this band is all about savage pace when no song lasts longer than three and a half minutes. We can only hope that they are just as consistent live as they are recorded.

Too much pace is a criticism of this album. As aforementioned, there is little room to breathe throughout, with only 'Temptation Pool' and 'Quest For The Fire' being tracks which showcase that this band know how to do anything but rock hard. Even those songs aren’t exactly slow; they’re just slightly less heavy than the other twelve tracks on the album. This may not sound like a problem, but even the heaviest of metal bands generally manage to throw a slow track in to their albums just to prove they’re capable of something else.

It’s no doubt a great album; however, it’s hard to listen to it all the way through because of a lack of any change, which unfortunately allows all of the songs to merge into one and become a tad repetitive. For a debut, though, this album really tells the listener what this band is all about; a great way to make their introduction into the music industry. One to look out for, and we look forward to more of their work in the future.

Josh Saunders

A final year journalism student studying at the University of Central Lancashire. Editor of feel-good charity website and writer for BounceSIN.



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