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With an opening song as joyously addictive as ‘Cough Cough’, it is clear that Everything Everything’s newest album ARC is going to go down as one of the best of the year. This is an audacious claim considering that it is only March – however, one listen through this 13 track behemoth cements my views and leaves no room to argue against the brilliance that this album seems to produce with minimal effort. 

 The sheer fact of the matter is that there isn't a definitive answer as to why this album is so good. It has more layers than an imaginary giant onion. Each song is just packed with so many different things that it should be jarring to hear, it should almost be too much; yet it somehow works, through the combination of high pitched vocals, electronic rhythmic beats, a simple drum beat and more random ‘hey’s’ and ‘ho’s’ than the seven dwarfs could ever hope to utter totally.

I have already mentioned the opening song ‘Cough Cough’, which to begin with sounds like a man having some sort of fit – the random noises which come blaring out of the speaker just shouldn’t work. Yet something about it all makes sense, and, to be perfectly honest, I have no idea why. As the album progresses however, Everything Everything seem to ditch the random outbursts, which is a little disappointing as the first three songs really sound utterly unique because of it.

Saying that, when the band drop this certain aspect of their song writing and it is left more to the lyrical aspect of a song to truly show how unique their sound is, they don’t disappoint. I honestly have never heard vocals like this before in any album. Jonathan Higgs, the vocalist for the band, has an absolutely marvellous voice. This is perfectly shown in ‘Choice Mountain,’ the under rated, simple guitar chord which allows his falsetto voice to truly show its power, and it is a wonderful song that will take some beating for my own personal ‘song-of-the-year’ award.

It is clear that this band have developed perfectly as a unit since they were put on the Sound of 2010 list. And it is a good thing to hear an utterly unique and never before sound coming from your speakers, for once. It is fresh, it is new and it is a simply beautiful album that must be adored for what it is. A masterpiece.


Mark Wiglesworth

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