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The return of HighRise had been a long-awaited event among bass-music lovers and edgy hipster kids alike, and as Beaverworks announced its second-coming on 23rd February, a perceptible roar of approval was audible from the partygoers of Leeds. Many a flat cap was raised, and tangible excitement began to build. Following on from the flabbergasting success of the first HighRise at Vox Warehouse in November 2012, it could be said that expectations were, ahem, rising high…

 The night certainly did not disappoint. In fact, for want of better, more eloquent words, they smashed it; although with such a star-studded line-up, failure was never truly on the horizon. The bill included 90s garage superstar Artful Dodger, Brazilian drum and bass legend DJ Marky, and all round bass music hero Benny Page, which meant that the night was in safe hands, and more or less destined for outright brilliance. To add to the already impressive programme, Bryan Gee and liquid-funk aficionados Utah Jazz were scheduled to make an appearance, along with many more expertly picked DJs.

The music was consistently excellent all night, with a different yet equally great vibe in each room of Beaverworks. The basement was mainly a haven of jungle and drum and bass, the kind that’s so fast, chaotic and anarchic, that the only option is to surrender and skank (a.k.a. dance shamelessly like crazy person) the night away. Stand-outs from the basement were Benny Page and Demka, although everyone who played was stellar.

The main room was host to a slightly less frenzied vibe, although the music was still unmistakeably danceable. Artful Dodger was an utter joy, diving back into some well-loved 90s classics, including the famous ‘Re-rewind’ and ‘Movin’ Too Fast’, while DJ Marky’s high-octane set, with the unstoppable, relentless Stamina MC, left the crowd ecstatic and gasping for more.

The combination of talented artists, and the unbelievable atmosphere, made this one hell of a night out, so if you ever get the chance to go to Beaverworks, do so, or else you will most certainly be missing out!

Frances Black

Second year English and Philosophy student at Leeds Uni. I write for the Leeds Student newspaper and BounceSIN, and I'm a Leeds Student Radio presenter.I love music, gigs, reading, writing, travelling, trying to speak Spanish, and many other exciting activities.

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