Gig Review: DON BROCO @ Cockpit Leeds - 'Who's ready for DON F***** BROCO' Featured

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Don Broco at the Cockpit Leeds - photography by Mike Johnson Don Broco at the Cockpit Leeds - photography by Mike Johnson

Having chatted to the guys earlier in the evening we knew how excited they were to be back in Leeds again playing at the Cockpit.  Their support band Mallory Knox came on to Wake up from their new album ‘Signals’, and the atmosphere turned to chaos with the whole crowd chanting the chorus… clearly most of the crowd were not just here for Don Broco!


Every song, new and old, had half the room in a circle pit while the rest chanted every chorus word for word.  The Mallory Knox set peaked with Oceans and Resuscitate, songs which really showed that lead singer Mikey Chapman can f*****’ sing.  Its not often these days that you get an album comparable performance live, especially in rock music, but Mikey didn’t miss a single harmony or vocal ‘wobble’.  Finally when he shouted ‘who’s ready for Don f****** Broco’ the crowd lost their minds.


Out came Don Broco to ‘Hold on’, cracking out their trademark dance just in time for the first crowd surfing to begin.  Rob Damiani decided to up the anti, bringing in a full crowd ‘Wall of Death’ followed by the largest circle pit that Cockpit could physically hold.  The youth of the crowd could definitely be felt, these guys and girls had been raging for a solid 3 hours and no-one looked anything, but ready for the next song!  By the time ‘Back in the day’ and ‘Whole truth’ came on, The Cockpit had gone from party to riot.  Someone even passed out following one of Rob’s trademark flex’s, we had to hold onto our cameraman for stability… When the set finally ended with ‘Fancy Dress’ this writer was out of breath but the crowd just kept chanting for more.  Broco fans, you are animals… Definitely going to make it to the next Broco gig, BounceSIN will see you there.


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