Gig Review: Blood Red Shoes and The Cast of Cheers

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Britain’s dynamic duo Blood Red Shoes have gone from strength to strength, with national popularity being their prize for success. The night posed an exciting opportunity to hear their raw sound buzz through the intimate setting of this venue.

 The 300-capacity Zanzibar Club is amongst the smallest of venues used to promote BRS’ heaviest record yet, ‘In Time To Voices’. Their three studio albums have reflected the same heavy indie sound, with only musical growth being the defining difference in each record. Needless to say, the crowd secured an energetic atmosphere before the stage lights were even ignited.

Conforming to the energy levels expected by a crowd at a BRS gig is a tall order, comfortably achieved by the Irish indie-rock quartet The Cast of Cheers. Their musical style blends off-beat rhythm with quirky drumming and guitars working harmoniously with each other. All band members chipping in with banter between songs made their stage presence undeniable. Less of a support act, the lads showcased how to have real fun on stage, and the audience were truly ready for the main event, as vocalist Conor Adams shouted ‘Are we all excited for the almighty Blood Red Shoes?’

Thanks to TCOC’s tantalising set, BRS were fired up and ready to double-team the stage. They started off with the fantastic ‘It’s Getting Boring by the Sea’, blending distorted guitar work with Laura-Mary Carter’s soft vocals. Her voice is a unique match to such a heavy sound, which really gives this band their edge. With both members taking their turn in supplying lead vocals, drummer Steven Ansell blew us away with his off-beat drumming and singing in ‘Heartsink’ which marked the beginning of the mosh pits that would see themselves through to the end of the night. The only break from this was during ‘When We Wake’, one of the rare slow BRS songs, which had everybody singing along word for word. ‘Je Me Perds’ was the perfect song to close the set and was a great taster for the new album.

There’s nothing we like better than a rock duo that can make a lot of noise, but keep your ears peeled for The Cast of Cheers who are constantly sweeping up fans as they demonstrate their raw talent. 

Josh Saunders

A final year journalism student studying at the University of Central Lancashire. Editor of feel-good charity website and writer for BounceSIN.


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