Reel Big Fish Gig Review @ Leeds Met University - ‘You all look so sexy, I'm going to put you in my spank bank!’ Featured

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Let’s be honest, there are few people that have never heard of Ska-Punk Rockers, Reel Big Fish. They are legends in the music world and, in BounceSIN’s opinion, very much head the happy-go-lucky gang of Ska bands. So when the opportunity arose to see them play at Leeds Metropolitan University, we weren't going to miss it for anything.

The crowd were excited to say the least for Reel Big Fish’s performance, having been psyched up by support acts ‘Suburban Legends’ and ‘Magnus Puto’ which both put on stellar shows. ‘Here’s a song from the 1900’s’, exclaimed frontman Aaron Barrett as RBF leaped into playing ‘I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend Too,’ consequently setting off mosh pits from the first note. Smiles crept across everyone's faces as happy vibes and quick tempo music reverberated around the room. It all got a bit too exciting at one point during ‘Sell-out’, when a clearly intoxicated youth, after crowd surfing towards the barrier, proceeded in jumping on to the stage, only to be swiftly dragged back down again by four security guards, and chucked out of the venue. Everyone wondered what had happened for at least two seconds, before realising they didn't give a sh*t and continued to boogie on down Ska style.  

Barrett was on form; he was constantly coming out with phrases such as ‘You all look so sexy, I am going to put you in my spank bank’, much to the joy of the crowd. RBF played a number of tracks off their new album, ‘Candy Coated Fury’, such as, ‘I Know You Too Well to Like You Any More’ and ‘Everyone Else is an Asshole’, which went down a treat. It was great to see that not everyone in the crowd were old timers who have followed RBF since the 1990’s; but was in fact sporting a large following from younger teens that had discovered them one way or another, demonstrating their music's timeless appeal. The highlight of the night was RBF surprisingly breaking into their version of Carly Rae Jepson’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ for one verse before scrapping it and storming into their hit, ‘Beer’. Just when the crowd thought it couldn't get any better, RBF finished on ‘Take On Me’ which was the perfect end to a perfect set.

We were in awe of these guys throughout the whole set, and not just because of their obvious musical talent, but because of it being so apparent how much they still love what they do. So many bands over the years fail and consequently give up after a few hard times, but this cannot be said for RBF. They are a testament to hard work, drive and a love for what they do, and we love them for it. We are lifelong fans of Reel Big Fish and you should be too!


Tim McGlashan

Director and Senior Music Critic for and a Graduate in Business Management from Leeds Metropolitan University. MASSIVE MUSIC JUNKIE!


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