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Listening to their album, one can’t help but feel that London foursome, Theme Park, are one of the more appropriately named bands. There’s something fun and uplifting about their music. Whilst perhaps not breaking ground with it, Theme Park have produced a set of chillin’, boppity little tracks that will certainly put a smile on your face. 

The album is colourful and joyous without being tacky or irritating; a rarity in a world that is pre-occupied with the kind of ‘feel-good’ music that makes one’s stomach churn and head spin. Theme Park operate with much more subtlety, offering clicky, funky, melodious tracks, that give you the kind of wiggle-on that is decidedly pleasant, not forced.

I want to say that this band has a retro feel (Talking Heads?), but from which era I can’t quite put my finger on. After vibes that resonate of a funk-rock 80s sound throughout the first few tracks of the album, track five, Tonight brings us slightly closer to the present. This track plays homage to high pitched vocals, whilst a summery groove rolls throughout, taking one back the summer of ’94 when the sound of Jamiroquai formed backdrop to blue skies and barbeques.

Later in the album tones deepen and I can’t help but be reminded of Mystery Jets with the rich, somewhat vintage-feeling vocals in Wax. Despite hints of other artists, however, Theme Park remain largely unique, arriving on the scene as a pleasant surprise and a definite pre-cursor for the summer. Instrumentals that are often tropical and always upbeat set this album up to wash over parks and beaches under hot rays of sunshine in 2013. What a lovely, if temporary, break from this dismal February - for that I thank them!

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