Gig Review - 'Walk the Moon' Bring Sweat and Paint to Cockpit Leeds Featured

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Quirky indie rockers ‘Walk the Moon’ took over the cockpit stage on Sunday 24th February, and brought with them one of the most excitable crowds that the Cockpit has probably ever seen.

 Donning paint on their faces and instruments in their hands, the set was energetic from the word 'Go'. ‘Good evening Leeds, we are Walk the Moon from Ohio – a long way from here’ front man Nicholas Petricca exclaimed, as they broke into their first song of the evening. We can’t even remember what that song was, as we were too amazed at the energy of this crowd, which was surprisingly a mixture of the young and old. If you have heard WTM before, you will be well aware of their infectious guitar riffs, pop beats, and lyrics which get you singing along without even realising you know the words. If there is one word to describe this quartet from America, it is definitely ‘fun’.

Encouraging the crowd to sing along at any opportunity, it is evident that they love doing what they do, which was made even more obvious by the smiles on their faces when the crowd responded, singing chorus after chorus. 'Tightrope' was definitely the best received song of the night with the whole crowd jumping up and down screaming every word – we were impressed, let alone WTM!

Before we knew it, over an hour had passed, and their set was drawing to a close. However, there was still time for their last track on the album ‘I Can Lift a Car’ to echo through the Cockpit's walls. One keen bean in the audience actually brought along a paper cut-out of a car especially for that one track, and nothing screams dedication like a paper cut-out of a car.

The band finished on ‘Anna Sun’ (sounds a little bit filthy, don’t you think?) before leaving the stage to embark on a journey to Bristol for the following night, where I have no doubt in my mind that they will take with them  just the same, if not more, energy. If you haven’t given these guys' music a chance, then we suggest you do so pronto, and catch them live at any opportunity you get (not this tour though as it is all sold out – GUTTED)

BounceSIN certainly had a fantastic, fun-filled night, and are now ready to tackle the week head on!

Tim McGlashan

Director and Senior Music Critic for and a Graduate in Business Management from Leeds Metropolitan University. MASSIVE MUSIC JUNKIE!


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