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Gin Wigmore Live At O2 Academy Leeds Gin Wigmore Live At O2 Academy Leeds

 When they wrote sold out on the posters this was no joke. The whole of O2 academy was pulsing before even a chord was played, in a way I hadn’t ever really felt before.  Lots of talk was surrounding headline act Train, but a great deal of this crowd was there to get a taste of the gorgeous Gin Wigmore and her brilliantly funky five piece band.  Gin’s energy was contagious throughout, with her dancing around stage quickly being reflected by the crowd, and the true enjoyment of just being up on stage doing what she truly loves could clearly be felt.  The guitar solo of 'One Last Look' had everyone whooping mid song, and by the trumpet solo of 'Man Like That' I got the feeling that everyone was really needing more than a 30 minute set.  Gin brought a beautifully funky folk rock mix that is so difficult to do right, and I’m sure Train were absolutely thrilled to be introduced by such a great act.

When Patrick brought out Train to '50 Ways To Say Goodbye', the crowd was clapping and cheering before the brass solo even started.  There wasn’t a person in the entire sold-out event not shouting ‘help me’, and when we asked a fan after the concert what they had most enjoyed we were told ‘what a great start to the set, I wasn’t sure what they would go with but 50 Ways was definitely a great call.’  They gave all the old school fans a few treats, including 'Meet Virginia' with the memorable guitar solo from the brilliant Jimmy Stafford, and we all enjoyed a night that didn't let us down at all.

Keep your eyes out for much more to come from both these bands, and if you haven’t heard anything by Gin yet, check out her ‘Myspace’ music here:


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