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She’s been compared to six-time Grammy award-winner Adele, and was once asked to join soul heroine Amy Winehouse’s band, but her latest album ‘Fall to Grace’, released in May 2012, without a doubt distinguishes her musical talent from that of other artists. From heartbreak ballads to feisty uplifting choruses, Paloma defines the pains of young love in her own unique set of relationship-blasting tracks.

Starting with the top 10 chart classic, ‘Picking Up the Pieces’, she sets the tone for the powerful yet tragic relationship laments that follow. The album continues as an exciting collection of relationship woes, as Paloma’s belting vocals send hearts plummeting and memories racing as they join her in the reminiscence of the failings of past love affairs.

‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ and ‘Black and Blue’ are notably more upbeat and empowered, while tracks like ‘Just Be’ adopt a slower, gospel-like quality, gently exposing the vulnerability that is inevitably experienced in any unhappy relationship. This variety of pace and tone is cleverly interspersed throughout the album, keeping things interesting as listeners constantly drag themselves from tears on the bathroom floor to heels on the dance floor and then back again with each and every song.

Not to mention undeniably quirky qualities to its individual hits: the catchy yet soulful song ’30 Minute Love Affair’, for example, is said to be inspired by a brief moment with a busker in Paloma’s hometown of London. For me, this sort of eccentric individuality distinguishes Paloma from other comparable female singers, sparking my interest to hear more. ‘Fall to Grace’ is therefore a brilliant and relatable collection of tunes that will resonate with anyone and everyone who has ever suffered through a failed relationship.





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