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Nowadays, it would be shocking to find someone who hasn’t heard of this feel-good Indie rock band. Since receiving two Grammy award nominations in 2010, one for Best New Artist and the other for Best Rock Song (‘Little Lion Man’, of course), this talented bunch have gone from strength to strength; and now their second album, ‘Babel’, released in September 2012, is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with at this year’s Brit awards.

Opening with the song that gives the album’s title its name, current fans of Mumford and Sons will not be disappointed with their classically loud, catchy lyrics, instantly drawing you in and making you want to sing along, just as we all can’t help belting out the chorus of ‘Little Lion Man’ every time it comes on the radio.

Other personal highlights include the notorious ‘I Will Wait’ with an uplifting combination of folksy instrumentals that build in tension to the burst of energy in its chorus, making even the most boring bugger tap their foot in response. With the loud, lively instruments causing an uproar of emotion and promise, the next track ‘Holland Road’ is a light relief to ones ears as it quietly and calmly displays its affection in an intimate ballad form, rather than the crescendo of emotion assaulting our ears in the track before.

With other stunning tracks such as the emotionally intoxicating ‘Ghosts That We Knew’ and the captivating lyrics of ‘Broken Crown’, this album is not to be missed. Combining softly spoken lyrics with delicate backing music building up to a crescendo of loud, emotion-blasting tunes, this album is a strong contender in 2013’s Brit award nominations.

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