Gig Review: Peace @ O2 Academy Leeds – ‘A Punchy Performance Oozing of Coolness’ Featured

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For a band to play on the NME tour, you would expect it to take several years on the gigging circuit and countless failed mistakes. Although this is true for the members of Peace whilst in several different bands, astonishingly the band itself has taken only two years, which demonstrates the grafting and hard work they have put in in order to make a career out of something they love.

With their debut EP ‘Delicious’ being released in September 2012, and their debut album set to be released in March 2013, the boys from Birmingham are throwing out tracks like there’s no tomorrow, and each one just gets better and better. However, as many bands demonstrate, some can be fantastic on record yet diabolical when live. Peace could not be further away from this. Their live performance at Leeds O2 Academy as the first act on the stage was forceful yet punchy, oozing of coolness. The summery vibes of ‘Bloodshake’ went down an absolute treat, with a mosh pit opening up as the young crowd started the night as they meant to go on. On stage, the Peace boys threw their instruments around in true rock star fashion, with very little face to be seen through the masses of hair. The one chilled moment of their set, when ‘California Daze’ was performed, even somehow prompted a mosh pit, much to the dismay of those who were in the moment, holding lighters above their heads. Everyone on the balcony was chuckling away to themselves.

It was a phenomenal way to open up the Leeds leg of the NME tour and for that, the Peace boys can give themselves a pat on the back. I know us here at BounceSIN are incredibly excited for what more Peace have to offer; 2013/14 will be a good 'un I can just feel it. Well played boys.

Tim McGlashan

Director and Senior Music Critic for and a Graduate in Business Management from Leeds Metropolitan University. MASSIVE MUSIC JUNKIE!


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