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‘You know it’s a good gig when sweat is dripping off the ceiling'. This statement sums up perfectly Sunday 3rd February when Dub Rockers, Modestep graced Manchester Academy’s stage.

With a crowd that had more adrenaline, energy and passion than a room full of people on steroids, mosh pits opened up straight away - as soon as the first support act ‘Koven’ took to the stage. With haunting female vocals and more dub than you can shake a stick at, to say the crowd were geared up was a massive understatement. Oxford based Document One followed Koven and maintained the energy that was bouncing from wall to wall.

By the time Modestep entered on to the Academy stage, tops were off, sweat was dripping and a considerably sized circle pit had found its way into the centre of the crowd. It was clear that Modestep weren’t holding anything back. Throwing themselves around every inch of the relatively small stage prompted the crowd to do the same, with even a couple of families at the back managing to nod heads to the dominating bass which was slowly crushing everyone in the room's ear drums.

There was a distinct feeling from the band that all the emotions and desire to play the songs from their 2013 debut album ‘Evolution theory’ that had been so prominent over the last few months were finally being released onto this young crowd. Remixes of Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’ and DJ Fresh’s Louder consequently sent drinks flying everywhere while songs off the new album, such as ‘To The Stars’ and ‘Another Day’ gave the young crowd a taster of the debut album, which is to be released on 11th February.

There is no doubt in my mind that the only way is up for these boys. Every song is banger after banger from Modestep, with the energy and talent shown in their live performances rivaling those who have been on the live circuit much longer than they have. If you get the chance to see a live show of theirs then don’t pass it up…you won’t regret it.

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