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Once again Monday has come around and everyone is wondering wtf happened to the weekend.For those who made it to Hospitality at O2 Leeds on Friday, you know exactly what happened to the weekend…

With Shy FX’s highly anticipated return to the line up, along with Danny Byrd’s début tour following release of Love You Like This I have not seen crowd this excited for some time.This is the fourth Hospitality this writer has been to since September and the beauty of each event is the variety it delivers every time, if you come expecting something you've seen before you’re going to be in for a surprise!


Right from the start Transit Mafia weren't holding anything back, and the crowd that had been counting down the minutes to this Hospitality for the last month jumped straight in.The whole night took its lead from this heavy hitting start and group feeling was absolutely electric.


Hospitality is known for bringing out the right kind of crowd and everyone we spoke to was genuinely proud to be part of this, what has become, legendary event.It was difficult to interview a single person without everyone around wanting to let you know just how special this night has become.


One punter who was readily handing out cigarettes to anyone who looked lost; took the time to tell us, ‘This is it isn't it, if you were going to put down one event down for this month this would have to be it.I'm going to be at Sheffield next week and I can’t wait, this one hasn't even started yet.’


Headliner Danny Byrd absolutely smashed it and the look of disbelief on the crowd when it came to it’s conclusion was one of, ‘How can it be 6am… I'm still warming up’.All great things come to an end, we’ll be there next time… getting shivers just thinking about it!


Thank you Hospitality Leeds, you did it again.







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