Modestep’s ‘Evolution Theory’ Tears Me A New One

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Nowadays, Modestep need little introduction. These dub rockers from London create a sound which would make your gran shudder with fear; they are truly one of a kind, setting the stage alight with every show. After having a hugely busy summer conquering festivals all across the globe, hype has been rapidly growing for their long awaited album, 'Evolution Theory', which will finally hit the shelves on 11th February. I was lucky enough to have a preview of the album and it is safe to say that, well, it tore me a new one.

Kicking it off with ‘Show me a sign’, Modestep immediately set the bar high. With an intro that climbs for no less than 1 minute 20 seconds before plunging you into a filthy drop, it’s a strong way to start your début album. This energy is maintained throughout the whole fifteen tracks only pausing for a break on a couple of occasions, most noticeably the seventh track on the record, ‘Time’. This, in my opinion is a welcome break, from what is otherwise a heavy hitting dub album.

The highlight for me is the third track, which shares its name with the album title: ‘Evolution Theory’. Here, carefully constructed rhymes are spat by Jammin, Frisco and Jammer, whilst various instruments such as the piano, saxophone, bass and eventually that well known dubstep WOB is incorporated. The result is a track that oozes fantastic musical ability from every note. The album features all the released singles by the band to date; demonstrating the calibre of tracks that are present on this gem.

It is clear that these boys haven’t created this half-heartedly. Rather, they have managed to produce something that launches their passion and talent straight into your speakers, which ultimately, when turned up loud, is guaranteed to f*** your neighbours right off. A job well done!



Tim McGlashan

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