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So, listening to Jake Bugg’s self-titled debut album, it has to be said this kid’s really got something. His music feels like the kind that should be blasted out over a dimly lit bar with girls and boys dressed in oddities, dancing and prancing whilst supping on whiskey or beer. Man, I love a song that makes me feel like I’m starring in one of my favourite old-time movies. This guy is delicious; he’s eighteen, talented and writes the kind of rare lyrics that pull on one’s heartstrings because they’re just so goddamn simple, and so goddamn true and pretty much straight to the goddamn point. Emerging from the council estates of Nottingham to suddenly start playing with the likes of Noel Gallagher, it has to be asked, just what is it that attaches such a sense of romanticism, endearment and cool to the guitar-strumming young man?

Write What You Know

There has to be something said of those that write from experience. It’s not to say that only those from the grittier backgrounds of Britain are capable of writing worthwhile music, but looking at Jake Bugg, and others such as The Streets and Arctic Monkeys, for example, there is something quite unique about the kind of music that plays on the real. As Mark Twain said, ‘write what you know’; a philosophy that translates enormously into the world of music. 

Singing “Skin up a fat one / Hide from the Feds”, the charming and slightly eccentric vocals of Bugg carry with them a tone of subtlety that is distinctly and detestably absent from today’s “pop” music. There is no drama present in his bluesy, folksy songs. There is only wit, truth and a kind of melancholy mixed with upbeat rhythms that solely come from those who believe what they write.

Something Kind of Kooky

So, now it’s clear; Bugg really knows what he’s talking about, but there’s more. This guy’s kookiness is hard to pin down but it’s sure as hell present in his strut, his haircut and the way he tokes on that joint in the music video for ‘Two Fingers’. Like all the greats, maybe this quirky charisma arises from a sense of “I don’t give a damn”. It’s those that are a bit rough around the edges and so freakin’ into what they do that deserve praise and appreciation. One can stare at Rihanna’s smooth skin, and absorb Take That’s dumbed down version of song writing - bite me - with a kind of blissful unawareness, until one listens to the likes of someone like Bugg, when suddenly all that chart crap is illuminated for its one-dimensionality (admit it, you saw “one-direction”). 

This article is not just about Jake Bugg, it’s about appreciating real music, with character, and honesty and a large “Unmanufactured” badge pinned to its forehead. The guy is f****** cool because he is what he is, no frills attached.

India Johnson

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