Atheism, Creationism and the Meaning of Life - Part One

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Day 8; And God created bullshit!

How can an atheist find meaning in life? How can we face death without the comfort of the afterlife? How should we think about right and wrong? Creationists fear the questions that arise in the absence of religion and God. The devoutly religious are evasive when it comes to questioning the existence of God or His illogical methods. God did it. This answer to the burning questions of life, death and the reality that surrounds us just simply won't do. Religion and particularly creationism has a smug sense that it possesses the meaning of life. Religion is arrogant. Let us break this down.

Around the world there are differing stances on the teachings of creationism and evolution. Laws have been passed to eliminate creationist teachings from education and in many countries, the teaching of creationism as scientific theory is strictly forbidden. In the United States, there is contention over the legal status of teaching creationism as opposed to evolution in the science curriculum; some schools teach both side by side.

Eventually creationists invented the term, 'Intelligent Design' which concedes to evolution but attempts to explain it through religious terms. In the United Kingdom, the government has stated that, neither Intelligent Design nor creationism are recognised scientific theories and are not included in the science curriculum. The Arch Bishop of Canterbury, the leader of the Church of England, has expressed his views that creationism should not be taught in schools. From this we can establish a worldwide relinquishing of religion and the word of God.   

Man's relinquishing of God and religion is not just a consequence of scientific advancements but of perceptual evolution. Man understands more about the world around him from a human perspective than God can provide him with from a religious perspective. For the guy who is supposed to have invented morals; God is appalling at demonstrating them. In human terms, which logically is what primarily concerns us; God's behaviour is atrociously callous. Human beings can rationalize where God cannot and that is what makes us stronger than Him and forces His redundancy, metaphorically speaking, in other words, establishing that He doesn't exist and any concept of Him is unnecessary.

An example of God's inability to grasp moral logic would be His decision to ignore and refuse to offer divine intervention to the death of millions of Jews and other innocent people in the Holocaust, but supposedly grant divine intervention to increase the competitive ability of an athlete in a race because they prayed for it. This kind of dysfunctional moral conduct emphasizes the ambiguity of God's logic.

Fundamentally, the moral word of God contradicts human nature and subsequently negates the fluidity of ideological progression. Surely the meaning of life is to live, and to rationally understand the reality that surrounds us so that we can live respectfully.

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