The Unsaid Sexual Tattoos of 2012

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Let’s be honest. When we strip ourselves of our supposed objectivity, our non-judgemental acceptance, the right to freedom of speech and all that garbage; the fact is that if you find out someone’s doing the dirty in an outrageously unconventional way, it’s definitely considered freaky. Although many sexual taboos have been forced into submission (excuse the pun), there are still some outstanding preferences of the minority which upset and disturb those of us who still think a gentle spank is extreme.

Love Dolls

Masturbation is acceptable. This, it seems, is not. It’s not just that dolls, generally, are considered creepy. It’s the thought that, if your guy is boning a silicone Barbie, he is basically enjoying intercourse with a cold, lifeless, inanimate object. So I’m willing to bet the money it costs to buy one of these things ($1,200, by the way) that if anyone walked into someone’s house and found one of these arranged seductively across their bed, they would do a runner, without sticking around for any kind of feeble explanation.


Some of the key defining features of someone’s personality nowadays are their sexual orientation, their “magic number”, and their relationships status. But what if none of these exists? And what if someone doesn’t care that they don’t?

Asexuality is a baffling concept, but it’s fascinating too. Can you imagine the complete lack of effect the media would have on someone like this? Although many can’t relate to this complete lack of attraction they feel, someone who is asexual should not be instantly classified as a weirdo.

And of course...the classic ‘Foot Fetish’

I can already sense you wrinkling your nose in disgust. Because what, for heaven’s sake, is so sexy about feet? Freud says foot fetishism as a natural male interest. Then again, Freud says fancying your mum is a natural male interest too.

Accepting the Seemingly Unacceptable

Nowadays, most people consider their sex lives as “normal”. A few may veer towards the slightly more exciting path of kinky exploits, and can comfortably be pretty open about it, too. But it is guaranteed that the vast majority of people have not encountered anyone who claims to have the above interests, or disinterests, in the case of asexuality.

However, just because we don’t know about it, doesn’t mean that these people don’t exist. And although you may consider it alarming and abnormal, until recently many people used to think homosexuality was, too. So, although it is undoubtedly unusual, maybe we should make a conscious decision to approach these current taboos with an open mind, as, who knows, maybe something you do (or don’t do) in your sex life was once considered a taboo as well?

Victoria Karpinski

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