E: Ecstasy or Entertainment?

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Finally, we break the worst taboo.

Over the coming weeks, Channel 4 is to screen two programmes called Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial. There will be two 1 hour long programmes which will see volunteers take MDMA, and the effects monitored. Following the experiment, a panel debate will begin, potentially in the second programme. Not only the immediate effects, but also the effects of the come-down on our behaviour the days following the experiment will also be monitored.

The aim is clearly both to shock and to inform those who still view such drugs through fear tinted glasses on a subject far too under-researched.

I can only hazard a guess as to the number of venom filled, poisonous letters and emails that will soon flood the Channel 4 mailroom. Irrespective of the results of the trial, many will want the Network burnt to the ground for such a grievous breach of common decency. Many will just say “f***” lots and moan about their kid’s safety.

Much of the older, wealthier lower-middle class will argue why the programme has gone against everything they were brought up to believe in and that, by showing it, the Network producers may as well have taken a stinking piss on the altar of Britain’s unwavering moral fortitude. The ones that don’t lean on Nationalist pride will lean on morality or religion; all of which are largely irrelevant to what has gone on.

The showing of this programme will be a great thing for us as a Nation. The fact that we can now propose getting things of this kind aired at such a popular time, let alone at all, says a lot of good things about how far were coming along.

This appears as Britain is called the “drug taking capital of Europe” following a recent EU Drugs Agency Report. Nearly half a million people take MDMA each year according to statistics. This will be the main thing forgotten as millions bemoan to the Channel the damage they’re doing by getting their kids into MDMA; the fact is that they probably already are.

What should cause most uproar is the fact that, while so many people use the drug regularly and over a long period of time, this is the first major research into the effects it has on the brain’s activity. This can surely be only a cause for celebration amongst genuinely concerned parents; we will know the most intricate and detailed effects of the drug, possibly uncovering a hidden but fatal effect.

The study will not show that the drug is always safe to take in any situation, because that is just never going to be the case. I have personally had a few bad experiences, but these have been down to me getting too hot; people are always too eager to blame the chemical and not their own stupidity.

One thing is for certain; huge numbers of us will watch the show. Many will be frightened but excited by what they see. Many will regret not trying it when they were younger. Many will be comforted that they’re not frying their brain after all. I can only wish that when the hate, the immaturity, the bitter scorn starts pouring online once the debate closes, I could be the one to answer what they have to say.

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