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Sheffield: Get Dirty at Embrace

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Well hello there fresher, where are you studying? Sheffield? We bloody hope so, because one of the greatest nights of your sheltered little lives is throbbing with excitement for you just around the corner.  Hold on, what the hell is it? The answer: Get Dirty held on Monday nights at Embrace. Get Dirty has been chosen by as the best night out in Sheffield and, by God, we want you absolutely filthy. With deals on drinks ranging as low as 80 pence a pop, it’s going to happen.

Boasting a capacity of up to 2000 fellow mad heads, Get Dirty holds 5 rooms, each harbouring a music taste more different than the last. A comparison of arses and elbows come to mind; Embrace wishes to tailor to every music taste and, with Get Dirty, they aspire to get every type of Student absolutely disgusting by the end of the night… in a good way of course.


First up there’s ‘Decuba’. One word: class. Don’t let the gigantic chandelier fool you; they’re not all wearing tuxedos and bopping to the biggest hits of the 40s whilst chomping down on spurious amounts of hard-boiled cocaine. Although that would be awesome, and the Art Deco theme would suggest such shenanigans, it actually takes quite a modern flavour. ‘Decuba’, for the majority, plays a collection of what’s hot at the moment stemming from the charts and various party anthems. Racking up to 900 bodies at a time, it’s definitely the place to be.


‘Disco’ at a capacity of 600 gives us a good old fashioned blast from the past. Playing, wouldn’t you know it: Disco. As the latest instalment to the Embrace arsenal of an awesome night, Get Dirty makes great use of a newly added sound system and lighting rig in ‘Disco’. Even though the lion’s share of this music hails from the seventies, ‘Disco’ proves that it is anything but behind the times.


Thirdly, in ‘Mohito’ one can take a breath from the madness of the club areas downstairs, with the room embodying somewhat of a Beach-Bar in Havana feel. Amongst the fauna and wide selection of contemporary music one can overlook the onslaught of mayhem of the main stage below and hype themselves up for round 2, 3, 9 or 20.  


For the more mature frequenters of Get Dirty, there’s also ‘Nyloft’. With a slightly more upper class element complete with booths, ‘Nyloft’ plays a range of soul and funk with a much more intimate atmosphere under the sleek LED lighting system. With a choice of drinks larger than George Best’s cabinet you’d be a fool not to indulge yourself in this spongy slice of VIP heaven.


Finally, on the roof sits ‘Okujou’. Taking 120 partiers at a time it is smallest of all the rooms, but by no means is it lacking the spirit of getting dirty. Bringing the minimalist feel of a Japanese roof terrace combined with excellent indie music, you won’t be just dirty on Monday nights but you’ll also be one cultural motherf***er to boot.

So what are you waiting for? Put down your pre-drinking piss-packs and boot your arse over to Burgress Street. Because if you’re not feeling like you’re getting dirty on Monday night, you definitely will on Tuesday morning.

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