Pregnancy: Is it Just for Girls?

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When a young couple gets pregnant, everyone’s sympathy is understandably, but also unfairly, focussed on the girl. The boy, although seen as equally irresponsible, does not often get the attention he deserves, purely because, although it’s half his, the child is not growing inside him. People always scorn the men who will do a runner faced with this ordeal, but what about the ones who would stay? What about the men who, given the chance, would take the pill instead?

SEX. Now that I’ve got your attention…

There’s no denying it: we are a generation obsessed with sex. Some enjoy a serious, committed, painfully long distance relationship, where visits to each other are spent behind locked doors, as a month’s worth of humping is slotted into a weekend of frantic, long-anticipated intercourse.  Others spend nights out on the prowl, focussing solely on aesthetics, enjoying their idyllic freedom of hopping from bed to bed for some hot night time action.

But whoever you are, however you choose to lead your sex life, you can guarantee that any boy who has enjoyed a long string of saucy one-nighters does not count on, expect, freak out about and eventually pray for the arrival of that monthly reassurance that guarantees he does not have a hugely problematic little prawn growing inside him.

Trust Issues

Yet although the words ‘male’ and ‘birth’ seem like a contradiction of terms, trials have shown that 70% of men would take a birth control pill if there was one available to them. This is an impressively high percentage of men who would jump at the chance to take matters into their own hands, and ensure that accidents don’t happen. Instead of relying on their woman (and/or the apparently uncomfortable and potentially splittable condom), men can finally place their trust in themselves. This enables them to ensure that they can avoid situations where it’s likely that their inferior opinion will be overshadowed by the mother’s wants and needs, as she will probably have the ultimate decision on what happens to their future son or daughter.

Furthermore, the typical case of when a broody, snake-like woman manipulates their man into thinking they are safely taking the pill, whilst the man unknowingly fertilises her and ends up with an unwanted child as a result, can now cease to exist. With a male contraceptive, crap like this just won’t happen anymore.

With matters as important and life-changing as conception, the man needs to be given a voice too. We always hear about women not trusting men, but what about men not trusting women? With scientists claiming that they are a step closer to the release of a male contraceptive pill, both genders are finally being given the chance to control their destiny; it is no longer a matter for just the woman.

Victoria Karpinski

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