Celeb Media: Is it Pointless or just Harmless Fun?

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With the influx of reality TV ‘celebs’, are celebrity magazines all a much ado about nothing? Five years into the future, will the likes of Kerry Katona, Joey Essex and Katie Price still exist? I think probably not. Well, I hope not. They will just be replaced by a few more pointless, talentless ‘celebrities’ thrown together by yet more ridiculous reality TV programmes. Take Peter Andre for example, now he’s not in a turbulent relationship he’s clinging on to the last remaining scraps of his sinking career by telling stories to kids in shopping centres? Oh dear.

Most recently Cheryl Cole has broken her arm. By the Media’s outcry on the subject I merely presumed she was knocking on deaths door with some debilitating illness. God forbid if she had to have it amputated-wonder what some of the Paralympians thoughts are on this: while they’re competing for gold medals despite having genuine disabilities, a woman from a TV talent show famous for marrying a footballer has encroached their spotlight. According to The Daily Mail, ‘she actually only has to wear the sling for three days.’ My point exactly.

Orange, stupid, brash…oh hi Joey Essex. Either very smart to get the coverage or very misguided to typecast himself as a famous idiot.  Although he claims to be interested in Politics, he doesn’t have a clue who the prime minister is. But how can we hate him when he doesn’t know any better, whether he’s harmless, pointless or both.  However, what will become of him once his 15 minutes of fame are over? If it wasn’t for TOWIE where would he be? Resitting? Regular guest on the Jeremy Kyle show? The mind boggles.

Harmless fun at the expense of pointless people. Celebrity Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Strictly Come Dancing. What’s more entertaining than watching a 90’s one hit wonder (oh, hi Pete!) munching grubs and genitals for his tea, desperate to keep the bailiffs at bay? Harmless fun at the time but creating more pointless celebrities in the process. Chantelle Houghton and Jodie Marsh providing, well, nothing. Where they lack talent they make up for in silicone and peroxide.

Although many of these ‘stars’ incessantly wind us up on a daily basis, what would the majority of us read in the hairdressers without them? They provide us golden entertainment when travelling by train or plane en route to Marbs maybe. Let’s be honest, all these reality TV programmes are simply get rich quick schemes for a few lucky average people on the street that have been in the right place at the right time. It’s a question of dignity vs. dosh. Wouldn’t you take the opportunity if it presented itself to you? Could you take the Heat?

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