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It is somewhat depressing how so soon after the Olympics have finished, people are switching on their televisions to find there is nothing better to watch than the depressing classic of British daytime TV, The Jeremy Kyle Show.

We have already begun the plunge back into those pre-Olympic times when in our pathetic, empty lives, we got most of our enjoyment from using our television sets to ‘curtain-twitch’ on the thugs that, in reality, we would cross the street to avoid walking past.

To say the least it’s a step in the wrong direction from watching heroic stories of struggling children, from downtrodden council estates who rise up to conquer the world of sporting excellence.

Now that the great celebration of our country is over, we have decided to watch the most warped show on television where the babies have more teeth than their parents, where meaty women squeeze themselves into bulging velvet tracksuits while the men have bony shaved skulls that exaggerate their sunken, shifty eyes and razor sharp cheek bones. 

If boredom strikes and you find your thumb twitching over the remote as you come across ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ on the listings, don’t be too afraid, it is a symptom many Olympics addicts have been experiencing in these early withdrawal phases. Within less than 24 hours of the closing ceremony, the population is hungry for quality TV entertainment. We are numb to the atrocities revealed on this show, so much so, the only shocking plot twist left would be for a secret love affair between Jeremy and Graham to come out of the woodwork. Now that would make for first-class TV.

The Jeremy Kyle Show received the Best Daytime Show Award at the TV Choice Awards last year, and guess what? It’s up for it this year too.

Let us be honest though, the people who would be at home to watch this junk during the day are clearly government spongers who deem the words dole and salary to mean the same thing. The majority of which probably use the show in the same way the sane part of the population uses Facebook, to see what their friends have been up to.

Here’s hoping that the Olympics can have the lasting influence this country needs, if nothing else, to make more inspiring daytime TV.

Frances Clarke

I love to write about stuff that I think is important for people to hear.

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