The Big, Big, Big 'For Books’ Sake' Literature Quiz: Think You Got What It Takes? Featured

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Last April in an achingly cool Leeds cafe, five teams of cake eating, coffee swilling, literature devouring bookworms came together for a showdown. Armed with nothing but their pens, their notepads, and their fact saturated brains, these teams meant war. And war is what they got.

The scene? Cafe 164. The event? The For Books’ Sake World Book Night quiz.

Two hours, ten rounds and one Ken Barlow biography later, a team of literature connoisseurs emerged victorious. As team after team drained the dregs from their coffee cups and prepared to exchange the steamy comfort of the cafe for the torrential downpour outside, many an impassioned ‘We will return!’ could be heard in the night. Featuring the ‘Travelling Suitcase Library,’ (a free book swap event) oodles of literature themed prizes, and more cappuccino than you could shake a stick at, April’s World Book Night quiz was a resounding success.

And this July, it’s back. Back for another round of tough questions, clever wisecracks and literature themed natter. All combined with a healthy dose of team competition. On July 7th For Books’s Sake bring their big book quiz to the Hebden Bridge Arts Festival Fringe. Now in its nineteenth year, the Hebden Bridge Fringe is a music, art, dance and theatre spectacular, presenting home grown and established talent in a picturesque Yorkshire environment. Having teamed up with the lady championing scribes at For Books Sake, this year’s Hebden Fringe is due to be the most excitingly ‘woman centric’ yet. With a one woman comedy show, countless female artists and performers, plus an entire day dedicated to female singer/songwriters, the 2012 Fringe is surely going to be one to remember.

And if, after a day of rambunctious music and ribald performances, you fancy a little chance to unwind and let your brain take over from your feet, the For Books’ Sake literature quiz is for you. Lovingly created, organised, and presented by the ladies behind what is surely the coolest literature web-zine on the great wide t’interweb, this year’s quiz promises to be another lively celebration of all things bookish. So if you’ve always wanted to find a use for that unhealthy Margaret Atwood obsession, if you’ve ever dreamed of being able to gloat about all those years of Judy Blume novels, there’s surely a seat at the table for you. If you do some swotting, you could even walk away with the coveted title of ‘Literature Master.’

And if quick fire fact shooting isn’t your thing, don’t worry. For Books’ Sake nurtures all kinds of talent. Been thinking of yourself as ‘the witty one’ for years? Nows the time to prove it. ‘Pun up’ and be a (wo)man why don’t you? Your JK Rowling might be rusty, but how’s your artistic ability?  You could always master your inner Picasso and swing a win for the team.

Being an independently managed website, featuring literature by and for independent women, For Books’ Sake does have a hidden agenda. It's a sad fact that institutionalised sexism continues to mar the world of publishing. Female writers account for only 30% of all mainstream book reviews, and only a third of all Booker Prize win’s. Focusing primarily on female literature, reading habits, opinions and events, For Books’ Sake aims to support and give exposure to the oft ignored woman writer. Events like the increasingly popular quiz provide some much needed attention for not only women's literature rights, but the work of burgeoning female bloggers, reviewers and publishers everywhere. It goes without saying that all genders are indeed welcome at July’s literature quiz. Whether you’re male, female or somewhere in between, as long as you’re a ‘book-minded’ individual, For Books Sake invite you to say ‘book off’ to sexism, whilst having some fun in the process.

Now for the serious part. Like so many unfortunate Yorkshire towns and villages, Hebden Bridge was recently hit by severe flooding. Luckily there were few injuries, but after the worst flood in thirty years the small town has been the victim of some catastrophic damage. Yet with the help of that oh so chipper Northern spirit, the residents of Hebden Bridge have picked themselves up, dried themselves off, and promised to make this year’s Fringe the best yet. In order to show their support for the village For Books’ Sake is charging an entry fee and all proceeds will be donated to the Hebden Bridge Flood Fund.     

The quiz itself will be held at Hebden Bridge Town Hall on Saturday July 7th, and will start at 7.30pm. Oh and don’t forget to prepare a lip smackingly witty team name! If you do win, you don’t want to be forced to collect your prize as the ‘Book-munchers,’ do you? 

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