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As we mentioned, Cypress Hill and Rusko have teamed up to record a five-track EP due for release later this month, and the pairing have been speaking together for the first time prior to the record's release.



Chatting to Metta World Peace of the LA Lakers, the Leeds DJ, along with rappers B-Real and Sen Dog, spoke about making the EP and the artist's contrasting styles.


"They came to me for the electronic beats and the club sound, which is something I've done before," said Rusko. "But obviously we had to do it in a dark, gnarly way because that's how these guys roll."


"It's basically a combination of styles, our style lyrically, his style musically," said rapper B-Real. "It was great because we'd never experienced anything like that."


The American band have collaborated with the likes of Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello and Eminem, and enjoy taking their music in new directions.


"We've been risk takers our whole careers," said Sen Dog. "We're always walking that fine line where you could fall off and luck dumb, or you could be very succesful and look like the smartest cat in the world."


The E.P is due for release later this month. You can watch the full interview here.

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